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Dating And Relationships In The Digital Age

Though there is a sea of options on online dating, we might fail in finding our ideal partner. Understand the nuances that make or break a relationship. Experience a warm and grounded love life.

Stages of Dating Relationships

Dating rarely follows a straight line. But one thing for sure is the fun and
excitement of getting to know your partner.

Commitment or Engagement

This stage involves long term family and financial planning. It is at this stage that a couple gets serious about the relationship.

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Curiosity, Interest, and Infatuation

In the getting to know phase, you get to know the quirks of your partner and their passions in life. During this phase, most couples explore their physical connection to one another and if you are in this stage, you can try out products from Cirilla’s and get to know your partner on a deeper level.


“Enlightenment” and Becoming a Couple

Upon sharing their feelings, they decide to meet a mutually exclusive couple.

Dating and Relationship Advice

Reach out to us for the best advice to turn your dating life around for good.

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Relationship Advice: How You Can Have Satisfying Relationships

Relationship Advice: How You Can Have Satisfying Relationships

Many people are looking for relationship advice nowadays more than ever because they realize their old relationship models are not working anymore. In this article, we will give you the top relationship advice to help you have satisfying relationships:

Friendship is Important

A great way to build a relationship is through friendship. Women love being around men they like. Therefore, you must make your interaction with the opposite sex as comfortable as possible. A friendship is all about a sense of warmth and familiarity.

Relationship Advice: How You Can Have Satisfying Relationships

When you talk to women, don’t be afraid to use your common sense. If they look nervous or want to avoid your conversation at all costs, do not force things. For example, if the woman working there is shy, she will probably avoid your conversation.

Do Good Things for Each Other

Another good way to build relationships is to do one thing for each other every day. You should make it a point to do one thing for your significant other every single day. This might seem like common advice, but it is easy to forget. Aside from the more obvious actions like making dinner, planning an outing, and buying a thoughtful gift for your SO, you can also liven up the intimate side of your relationship with adult toys to take your love life to a new level.

Don’t Forget to Lose Focus of Yourself

This one thing has the potential to transform your relationship into an amazing one. Many people forget that for your partner to be happy, you must be happy. Hence, focus on yourself, and you will give love and joy to your partner.

Relationship Advice: How You Can Have Satisfying Relationships

Give it Time

One of the best relationship pieces of advice I have ever received is never to discuss my own opinions or feelings with my girlfriend unless I am absolutely sure. This is because opinions and feelings tend to change very quickly.

Proper Communication

Lack of communication can prevent you from finding the necessary solutions for maintaining long-term healthy relationships. That is why listening to relationship advice every day is critical for your happiness and fulfillment.

So, the next time you are having a conversation with one another, you should ask questions. You should be listening to your partner as they share their thoughts. Then you will have the ability to discover what is essential to your partner and what isn’t.

Make Time Together

It is essential to make time together regularly. If you two are feeling disconnected, it may be a good idea to schedule a time together for you to be able to discuss what is troubling both of you. By examining your relationship challenges, you will be better equipped to deal with them. Most couples that want to work out their problems feel like their partner is testing them. By discussing your relationship problems, you will be able to figure out ways to fix them.

Relationship Advice: How You Can Have Satisfying Relationships

Go for Counseling

Some couples can resolve their problems through professional counseling, but for others they may find it comfortable to find a solution on their own. Regardless of the approach, couples must work out any issues they have in an open, non-judgmental manner.

As you can see, some relationship troubles need professional intervention. You should consult with a clinical psychologist or marriage counselor if you need to. This has helped many people save their relationships and marriages.

How Is Dating Different From A Relationship?

How is Dating Different from a Relationship?

Both dating and relationships go hand in hand, but there are many subtle differences between the two. Some people refer to their partner as a boyfriend or a girlfriend, while some as ‘the person they are dating’. Read on to find the differences between the two to refresh and correct your understanding.

Dating is not being exclusive

One of the major differences between dating and relationships is the exclusivity factor. In dating, it might be okay for your partner or you to date other people while a relationship leans towards the monogamous side unless there is some mutual understanding between those involved

How is Dating Different from a Relationship?


Commitment defines whether you are in a relationship or you are dating. Dating is rather casual, while relationships involve discussions about the future like living together, marriage, kids, and the rest. Dating is usually living in the moment.

Clarity about the relationship status

While dating, couples often find it uncomfortable to sit down and come to conclusions yet, since they are still in the getting to know phase. At the same time, a relationship entails commitment and comforts to discuss any untouched topic without hesitation.

Investing time

While dating, one is not accountable to tend to the feelings of their date. They can still go about prioritizing their social life or job. When in a relationship, there is a shift in priorities, and you spend more time with your partner.


Expectations are minimal while dating as against a relationship. While in a relationship, the partner is expected to take giant strides towards their future. Dating is a far more relaxed affair than relationships.


Although dating offers physical intimacy to a certain extent with the consent of both partners, relationships are simpler to maintain in both physical and emotional connections. Relationships are more passionate than just dating.


Dating is new and exciting, while relationships are more familiar and comfortable. All things are sweet and fantastic when you are just in the dating phase because both the partners display their best selves while relationships are more real, and you do not have to go out of the way to do things you do not wish to do.

In conclusion

Nothing is wrong with either dating or relationships. Both of these come with their own sets of upsides and downsides. Both are incredible. In one practice, you allow yourself to have fun with the least amount of stress over the future, while the other will enable you to be more vulnerable and discover yourself.

Every expression of love and care is a stepping stone to a stable relationship from the stage of dating. Even if you do not get into a relationship, do not fret. Love always finds its way.

Things To Remember Before Embarking On A New Relationship

Things to Remember before Embarking on a New Relationship

The beginning of any relationship is all butterflies and cookies. This is what most people refer to it as the ‘honeymoon phase. Even if both the partners are on the same page about their feelings, there are some ways to enhance your relationship.

It is always a good practice not to ignore the red flags in your new and explosive romance. Here are the best and the worst ways to enter a relationship.

Make your dates fun

You can add a great deal of variety to your dates to understand how your partner navigates different situations. Also, monotony leads to the most breakups. So, try not to get stuck in a rut, get more out of the house with your partner, and enjoy great dates in different settings.

Do not blow up their phone

Save your sweet or sob stories for the in-person dates and stop yourself from dialing their number. You do not always have to be the first person to call or text, or initiating plans. Let your partner make an effort to reach out to you.

Things to Remember before Embarking on a New Relationship

Sexual health conversations

Find a comfortable way of having an honest conversation about each others’ sexual health before approaching intimacy. You will be able to enjoy it with a little more confidence. Be comfortable and talk freely about what you like or don’t enjoy

Look out for red flags

If your new love is critical of you, flaky, or treats others poorly, they are probably not worth investing your feelings and time into. Such relationships always have a terrible outcome, and seeing only the best in someone is sometimes one of the silliest of the things one can possibly do. Rather than witnessing the devastating demise of your relationship later, it is better to get out before you are knee-deep.

Respect yourself

The way you treat yourself sets an example to how your partner must treat you. Set your boundaries and adhere to them. Carry your principles and authenticity close to yourself, even if it requires canceling or rescheduling a date to suit your priorities.

Things to Remember before Embarking on a New Relationship

Communicate well

Communicate directly and be considerate when dealing with your partner without insulting, yelling, or judging. It is silly to expect that someone holds the capacity to read your mind. Talk about yourself to uncomplicate the situations, and remember to choose your battles wisely.

In conclusion

It is important to understand that every relationship is unique, and people come with their own sets of emotional baggage. When you find the right partner, mutual respect, trust, and honest will set you off on the path to a healthy relationship.

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